Global Warming


Eutrophication Potential
(Soil Erosion)

Blue Water

Primary Energy Demand
(Non Renewable)

Conventional cotton uses 25% of all the world's insecticides & 10% of the world's
pesticides. It requires chemical fertilizers which increase cost as well as leave residue.

Our Non-GMO organic cotton is great for you & the farmers.

It reduces pesticide & fertilizer use.

It is free of harmful chemicals & good for the environment.

*300,000 farmers suicides in India in the last 15 years.
It's the largest number of suicides recorded in human history.

Our fair trade premium provides sustainable livelihood & healthier lifestyle for cotton producers.

Our fair & clean factory follows strict rules of no child or forced labor, no discrimination,

Clean & safe working conditions, fair treatment of workers & fair-trade wages.

*Approximately 40 percent of the rivers in the
U.S. are too polluted for fishing & swimming.

We use rain fed irrigation &

Eco-friendly, low impact water based dyes.

Our T-shirts are bio-degradable & recyclable.

Organic cotton farming keeps water safe & healthy.


"Your choice of a t-shirt with organic cotton, makes
you an agent of social & environmental change."


Thank you on behalf of 35,852 organic cotton farmers & their families.